How to survive prom planning

Hannah Sieg, Staff Reporter

Prom is a couple weeks away and students are starting to stress out about their prom plans. Many people don’t even think about the weeks of preparation needed for this fun night. These plans may include what friends to go with, where to take pictures or have dinner, and most importantly, finding what to wear on that special night. Here’s how to survive the stressful prom planning process:

  1. Try finding your dress or tux a month or two in advance

If you buy a dress a month or two before the dance, you’ll most likely get the better dresses. Also, you have time in case you order the dress or need alterations done. For a tux, it’s okay to get it closer to the dance because you only have to get it fitted and ordered and it’ll be ready in a couple of weeks.

2. Have someone who will take charge in your group

Someone in your group needs to take charge of making plans for dinner, pictures, and other plans. If no one does, it might be too late to make reservations for dinner and it’ll be harder to make other plans.

3. Make sure you’re going with the right group of people

You’ll be with these people for most of the night, so make sure you’ll be able to have fun with them!