March 6, 2018: A day of sadness

Carlie Krzeminski, Staff Reporter

It isn’t easy dealing with the loss of someone close.

Even if you didn’t know Olivia Sonetz personally or weren’t close, she could always put a smile on your face by seeing her enjoy life. With her outgoing personality, and her amazing softball skills, she will be missed by everyone at Normal West.

She had an impact on everyone, even if you didn’t know her.

We never thought that Tuesday would be the last time we heard her laugh, saw her come in late for class with loads of food, smile with her friends or even get to tell her we loved her. The things we would do to experience these things just one more time.

She had lots of friends at school, she was always walking with someone, even if she didn’t know them. They would be laughing and by the end of the four minute passing period, you knew exactly who she was, a crazy girl with the biggest heart.

She had friends at schools other than ours. She went to other school’s football and basketball games to be with her friends and cheer them on. She had enough room in her heart for not only Normal West but for every school in town.

Driving by the accident site will have a different effect on everyone. For some, they’ll have to stop and cry and feel the pain of losing someone close to them. For others, they will look at it and remember her smile, her laugh, anything about her.

It isn’t fair that life can be taken away so quickly from the people who don’t deserve that fate.

So many students in town are overwhelmed by the amount of death that has happened to the senior class this ye. Life isn’t fair. Why do these things keep happening?

Students who knew David Stiles knew he had a contagious laugh and a wild personality and got the chance to experience him in his short time here on earth. He impacted everyone in a similar way that Olivia did.

Their personalities were outgoing and caring. If you ever needed anything a smile or someone to tell you what you were doing wrong and how to get your act together again, these two were the people to go to.

Yes, life isn’t fair, and school will be quiet and sad for a while as teaches lost a student and students lost a classmate and a friend. But the amount of people this has brought together is incredible and they are smiling above.

On Thursday, nearly whole school wore blue (her favorite color) to recognize her and amazing impact she had on teachers, students, and friends, everyone.

Olivia Sonetz will be missed by everyone but she will never be forgotten.