National Days bring joy to everyone (especially me)


Apparently on December 8th 2013 Florida decided not to participate in the month and it has become a national day, amazing.

Briana Turcotte, Staff Reporter

A national day is so wonderful. There is not a single thing in this world that makes me as happy as celebrating national days.

Let me tell you a thing or two about these delightful experiences of celebrating something so ridiculous, such as National Fruit Compote day on March 1st, thanks Oh boy do I love me some good ole fruit compote, especially if it’s strawberry.

Another big day that every single person should go out of there way to celebrate is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator day which is on November 15th. Don’t lie you know you have leftover food from a week and a half ago still sitting in there.

Of course we can’t forget about National Meth Awareness day on June 5th. You may have no idea but you probably know someone addicted meth, look out for them and show your support for the local meth addicts.

My favorite day of all days is obviously National Fire Pup day, on October 1st. Anything that has anything to do with dogs and you bet your bottom I’ll be there.

Now onto the irrelevant days, the first one being National Guacamole Day May 8th. Who cares about guacamole enough to have a whole day dedicated to it? Stupid. Maybe on this day they won’t charge you 50 cents extra for guacamole on your burrito bowl.

Number two of irrelevant days, National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine day on November 19th. I can’t drink caffeine, this is offensive.

The most irrelevant of the irrelevant days is of course National Eat Your Beans and Franks day on July 13th. Just why? Number one: beans are disgusting and number two: hot dogs are just a no, unless it’s at a baseball game, but that’s just traditions.

For this next one the only word I have to describe it is: gross. On September 2nd I will not be celebrating National Grape Popsicle day. I’m disgusted by the human race.

Now of course these are just a very select few of the days that I enjoy or despise very much so. Every single day of the year has at least two national days and I encourage you to do some research and figure out how you can improve your life with one national day at a time.