What seniors should know going into college

Jana Arthur, Staff Reporter

Nervous about going off to college and being by yourself? No more having mom tell you what to do, or having her do the shopping for you. You are completely alone, and have to fend for yourself. Let’s go more in depth on the important things students should know to survive college.

#1… Your freshman roommate/roommates probably won’t be your best friends for life. There will be a lot of arguments at times, them taking your clothes, and putting the “sock” on the door knob leaving you with no place to stay. There will also be times where you guys become more siblings than friends, share endless amounts of memories from that party one night, the study dates you guys will  have, and the advice that helps you overcome your sadness.

#2… As much as it might be tempting…. Do not skip your classes. Yes you may be tired from staying up all night studying for another class, or from going to that party even though you knew you had an 8am class the next morning. Going to your classes is what will get you that college diploma, skipping class because you partied too hard the other night? That won’t. Get your priorities straight from the beginning.

#3… Make sure you know who your professors are, and make sure they know you. You may have a couple lecture classes and the professors won’t be able to know every single student unless you make the effort for them to know you. This will be good because then if you have questions on any assignments, you can go straight to the person in charge instead of asking a classmate who may not exactly know. Also the professors may be there for you more than a teacher.. They could be a person to go to if you are struggling or need someone to talk to.

#4… You will be exhausted. College will tire you out. From going to classes, studying, extracurricular activities, parties… where is the time for sleep? You need to fit in at least a nap or two a day so you don’t get overly exhausted.

#5… In college you will discover a bunch of new things you didn’t know you had an interest in, and you may want to change your major a million times, that is okay. Don’t stress out, take classes you find interesting because you are finding what you will potentially be doing the rest of your life and you need to be happy with your job.

#6… Manage your money. You may have to get a job on campus in order to have a little spending money here and there. Mommy and daddy won’t be there anymore to buy you what you need. College is where you start earning things for yourself, not relying on other people.

#7… Going into college you may still be dating your high school boyfriend or girlfriend, and then you realize the long distance thing and meeting new people destroys you guys. Breaking up with your high school sweetheart is not going to be the end of the world. You may be sad but you will be surrounded by a life where you can fill your time with happiness. College is the time to explore new things, and date new people. Don’t be held up on one person unless it is working out for you two and you know that person is the love of your life.

#8…. Freshman 15… That is a place no person wants to go to. There will be a new variety of food places, dining halls with endless food, and friends always wanting to go out to eat. Work out, stay healthy. 

#9… If you go to college, and end up realizing that school is not for you, transfer. College is at least four years, and you need to be somewhere that will help you grow, and at a place you love. The moment you know you are not happy there, do something about it.

#10… If you end up going to the same college as some people from high school, branch out and make new friends. Don’t stick with them, college life is huge and there are so many new people out there. Make new friends!

According to the website, SFGate Blog,  “College kids do best when they’re independent and well-adjusted and know how to take care of themselves without mom and dad coaching them on every move.” I hope this list of things help the senior class to prepare for the next chapter of their lives.