Wildcats embrace the madness


Jacob Tomera

Keegan McClure(11) filling out his “winning” bracket during his homeroom period.

Jacob Tomera, Staff Reporter

When asked about their thoughts about the NCAA men’s basketball national tournament (better known as March Madness), a few Wildcats have shared both their bold, and obvious predictions for the results of the tournament.

Junior Brennan Diedrich, admitted he knows nothing about college basketball, still chose to make a bracket and put money on it.“I basically made my picks off of the colors I liked best. In one bracket I have West Virginia going all the way, and in another I have Auburn, so I guess we’ll see how this plays out,” he said.

Lauren Brown(11) also shared her thoughts: “I’ve always been a fan of Purdue, my parents went there, and they are pretty good this year, so I definitely had to choose them to win this year.”

Others however, have spent the last week researching everything about this tournament, in order for them to possibly win a cash prize. “I’m pretty excited,” shared sophomore Matthew Lizakowski. “I just really hope none of my time goes to complete waste.”

Matthew is placing one of his brackets into a contest that will offer a $250 dollar prize to the winner.

Junior Dawson Beck also shared his thoughts: “I plan on making 25 total brackets before Thursday. Right now I’m on number 12, and I have 8 different champions.”

One of his possible championship winners include Arizona State University, who might not even play in the tournament. They must defeat Syracuse on Wednesday to earn the 11th seed in the Midwest Region.

Senior Drew Yonker predicts Virginia to win the tournament,”After going 31-2 in their season, I don’t see how they won’t win,” he declared,”every team they might play in the first 4 rounds can’t stand a chance against them.”
The team’s two losses came from West Virginia and Virginia Tech, who are both starting the tournament in the East region.

Junior Keegan McClure also has faith in the Virginia Cavaliers: “I know for a fact they will at least make it to the Final Four. But I do believe they could win a national title this year after being ranked #1 in the country heading into the tournament.”