Spring training around the corner

After an underwhelming Super Bowl, America will soon be able to say hello again to Major League Baseball as pitchers and catchers will be reporting to camp on February 17th.

While the pitchers and catchers will be reporting to camp in the next few days, the rest of the players and coaches will be reporting to their camps in either Arizona or Florida on February 22nd.

Major League Baseball is quite possibly the sport in America that has the shortest offseason. With the World Series coming to an end on November 1st, the league sees just over 4 months of down time before camp starts up and the players and coaches begin to prepare for their upcoming season.

Teams like the Chicago Cubs have a lot to look forward to this season as they head to Arizona to play in the Cactus League. The Cubs won 97 games last season and were just 3 games behind the St. Louis Cardinals for the NL Central Division title. (MLB)

Cubs fan Hudson May (12) stated, “I’m really looking forward to watching the Cubs in spring training. With newcomers Jason Heyward and John Lackey, it should be fun to watch the team compete.”

Other teams, like the Philadelphia Phillies, will be taking this spring training and upcoming 2016 season as a year to rebuild and try to work on their farm system so that upcoming seasons can be more promising for them.

This era of baseball has been dominated by pitchers, and that was seen in the past offseason as multiple pitchers were paid multi million dollar contacts.

Zack Greinke signed a deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks for 6 years that is for $206.5 million. Another notable stud pitcher, David Price, signed with the Boston Red Sox for 7 years and $217 million.

When asked about the upcoming season, baseball fanatic Patrick Lipka (11) said, “I’m stoked to see how the 2016 MLB season plays out after the big offseason that a lot of teams had. It should be a very exciting year.”

Spring training games begin on March 1st and the 2016 MLB regular season will begin on April 3rd.


Alex Gordon by Charles Sollars (1)

Alex Gordon of the Kansas City Royals looks to win the World Series for a 2nd straight year. Photo by Charles Sollars.