MLB World Series battle begins

The 2015 MLB World Series begins on Tuesday October 27th at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. 

The National League will be represented by the New York Mets, while the American League will feature the Kansas City Royals.

The Kansas City Royals will be playing in the World Series for the second straight season after losing to the San Francisco Giants in a seven game series. 

The New York Mets will be playing in the fall classic for the first time since 2000, and this season has been their first trip to the postseason since 2006 when they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series. 

The Mets have been led by their second basemen Daniel Murphy. He has hit a homerun in six straight postseason games, which is an MLB record that passed former Met outfielder Carlos Beltran who had hit a homerun in five straight playoff games. 

Brandon Cary’s (12) opinion on how the World Series will go is, “I think that the Mets have the edge over the Royals right now because they were able to sweep the Cubs in the NLCS which is crazy since most people didn’t even expect them to beat Chicago.” 

The Mets arguably have the most impressive pitching staff in the MLB this season, which is why many people would say they were able to get to the fall classic. 

Matt Ogden (12) thinks the Royals will have the upper hand in the series because, “Kansas City was just in the World Series last season so they will have the experience heading into this which is incredibly important when getting ready to play in such important games.” 

After winning two consecutive American League pennants, the Kansas City Royals have a lot of people expecting them to come out on top in this series. 

“They have the experience factor, they’ve been a consistent team all season, and they have home field advantage since four of the seven games will be at Kauffman Stadium so I think that they have the better chance of winning the series,” said Mr. Jason Klokkenga. 

This series doesn’t have a favored outcome for either team because of the talented lineup that both teams offer. The 2015 MLB World Series starts on October 27th and if necessary will go to November 4th to determine who will be given the Commissioner’s Trophy.


IMG_4245 (2)

Mr. Cullen Matthews poses excitedly with his Royals memorabilia at his desk. Photo by Noah McLaughlin


Alex Gordon by Charles Sollars (1)

Alex Gordon of the Kansas City Royals looks to lead his team to their first World Series title since 1985. Photo by Charles Sollars.