Bears undergo major changes


GM Ryan Pace(left) and head coach John Fox(right)

After the Chicago Bears season came to a disastrous ending the team took drastic measures, firing head coach Marc Trestman and general manager Phil Emery. Emery had been with the Bears for the past three years before he was let go by the team; Trestman was with the team for two seasons before his release.

 With no playoff appearances in the last four years, the team needed a change. Fans have been asking for a change for the past three years. Everyone thought bringing in Marc Trestman was the answer, it wasn’t. The organization needed a lot more help than just a coaching change.

 On January 9, 2015 the Bears made the first major change in their organization. On this date the Chicago Bears hired new general manager Ryan Pace. Pace is the second general manager hired by the team in the last three years.

 In his introductory press conference, Pace said he was focused on finding a new head coach that would fit in with the team and someone he could work with.

 “The first order of business is to hire the right head coach to lead us to championships. Right now that is the most critical thing I am doing.” said Pace to reporters during his introductory press conference.

 Exactly one week later the Bears hired new head coach John Fox, making him the 15th head coach in franchise history. Fox has won six division titles and has made two Super Bowl appearances. He could definitely get the Bears on the right track.

 “I think he, [Pace], comes from a good background and the more experienced coach along with the young general manager is a perfect combination. Pace and Fox make a great combination,” said Austin Hartke(11).

 Pace and Fox hit it off right away. Fans have praised Pace for hiring Fox and they expect the duo to make some magic happen this upcoming season.

 “I think he, [Pace], will be better than who we had beforehand. We knew from the beginning we needed a general manager, and we got one. Ryan Pace should be a good change,” said Natalie Hill(11).

Pace and Fox have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to bring the Bears to a championship level. It won’t be easy, but it is possible.