Homecoming 2021 Slideshow

PawPrint Staff

The boys in each class participated in the boys volleyball tournament Normal West has every year during homecoming week. (In the photo from left to right is Jordan Cherry, Megan Williams, Sophie Kurdys, Sam Verda, Me, Isaac Demosthenes, and Carlie Boitnott. ) (Averie Hernandez)

Julianna Navarro and Laure Diamonika dressed as Tourists for homecoming week. (Emma Roof)
Senior Ella Rice participating in 70s day. (Emily Branson)
Paige Davis & Kayla Lorance dressed up for the seniors 70’s theme. (Emma Roof)
Makayla Carlson dressed up for seniors 70’s day (Emma Roof)
Every year during homecoming week the juniors and senior girls face off in a football game. Photographed are the juniors participating. Eden Pressburger, Ella Lloyd, Joselyn Gale, and Marnie Howard. (Left to right) (Averie Hernandez)
The senior class had the 70s as their theme for spirit day. Lots of students chose tradition clothing from the 70s such as Lilian Lay (left) and Sophie Kurdys (right). Although others chose characters from this time period. Carlie Boitnott (middle) is dressed as Rocky Balboa. (Averie Hernandez)
Before the powderpuff game, students will vote for their homecoming royalty and results will be announced at halftime. (Emma Roof)
Normal West seniors, (left to right) Sophie Kurdys, Lilian Lay, and Megan Williams show off their “out of this world” outfits the space themed school spirit day. (Brian Fuss)
Freshman Jasper Thomason in a 2000’s outfit for ‘Decades’ day this homecoming spirit week (Conrad Wesley)
Homecoming spirit week day 3 is Decades day! Seniors Megan Williams, Lauren Nord, and Max Ziebarth (left to right) are showing off their 70s outfits. (Averie Hernandez)
Main atrium dressed in words of spirit from top to bottom. (Gage Harder)
Before homecoming week the seniors vote for ten seniors to participate in comecoming court. Once they are chosen, during homecoming week the entire school votes fro two candidates to be on homecoming royalty. To advertise for themselves they each create a poster to gain votes. (Averie Hernandez )
Sophmore hallway decorated as ‘Hollywood BLVD’ (Gage Harder)


Senior Hallway photo taken by Emily Branson
Each year student council gets together and decorates each of the four hallways to fit the theme for homecoming. This years theme was Hollywood and this was the senior hallway. (Averie Hernandez )
Mr. Weber wearing a NASA t-shirt for the ‘space’ themed spirit day. (Conrad Wesley)
Mr. Fields in his Star Wars outfit for the ‘space’ themed spirit day. (Conrad Wesley)
Homecoming royalty posters above the IMC entrance (Conrad Wesley)
Room 233 homeroom door decoration Movie themed (Emily Branson)
Leti a 10th grader and Jasper Thomason a 9th grader participated on Thursday for character day (Emily Branson)