Wildcat staff celebrates ‘No Shave November’


Normal West staff sported handlebar mustaches in celebration of No Shave November.

Hannah Sparrow, Staff Reporter

In 2003 a group of young men from Australia coined the term “Movember” where they spent the month of November razor free, growing mustaches to raise awareness for charities. 

This trend has continued to popularize itself all over the world. It is now most commonly called “No Shave November” and teachers at West have gotten in on it the past few years. 

About ten years ago Normal West social studies department teachers Mr. Berardi, Mr. Klokkenga, and Dr. Bierbaum began their tradition of No Shave November. 

This wasn’t your ordinary No Shave November of course. “We don’t just grow it out,” said Klokkenga, “We show it out by styling our beards and mustaches to a certain theme every year.”

In years past they have flaunted 19th century sideburns, handlebar mustaches, and this year there are rumors of a chevron mustache. 

“We would all commit to growing our facial hair out,” said Berardi, “On the last day of school before Thanksgiving break we’d meet in the office and take a group photo.”

After gaining such recognition by students and staff teachers Mr. Lehr, Mr. Fincham, and Mr. Piepenbrink wanted to join in on the fun. 

Even women staff have shown interest in this tradition. 

“It’s all cool when the men want to style their beards,” said spanish teacher Ms. Evans. “But when I want to get in on the fun with my leg hair they said no.”

This light-hearted tradition keeps students and staff in good spirits as they get ready for the holiday of thanks.