DIsney+: yay or nay?


Disney+ hosts Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, and its own vault of movies spanning the decades. Picture acquired from TechHive in an article by Jared Newman.

Carolynn Green, Staff Reporter

The world is very familiar with the triple entente that is the streaming service kings–Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu–so when Disney announced that they would be creating their own streaming service, many were concerned that they would dominate our visual entertainment and put the former streaming service kings out of business. However, many would also disagree. 

West librarian Tera Hafermann said in an email that she didn’t believe that Disney+ would put existing streaming services out of business because “Netflix and Hulu have variety and shows for mature audiences” and “Disney is geared towards a family-friendly audience”. This made it appealing to her family and she would likely subscribe to both Disney+ and get Hulu or Netflix for a family Christmas gift.

Senior Kaitlyn Miller said via text that she would get Disney+ and that she believed there will be “a lot of converters” from Netflix and Hulu, but she didn’t think that they would be overtaken because “Netflix and Hulu have been making their own films or exclusive tv shows, and they’ll probably just step up their game to keep gaining people.”

The difference between Disney+ that makes it stand out from the other streaming services is their abundance of Marvel, Star Wars, and classic Disney movies, said Miller, and that’s what made it appealing to her. 

Senior Trinity Bauer said that she believed that “Disney+ would make Netflix and Hulu lose a lot of money because they don’t always come up with a lot of original material,” and that the “majority of Netflix’s shows and movies did come from Marvel” and since Disney+ came out they’ve taken them all back.

Bauer went on to say that while Disney+ will get a lot of subscribers, the only downfall of their streaming service is that they are a more family-kid friendly versus Netflix who is more drama and action. However, she would rather have Disney+ than Netflix because she likes “to see new ideas and [she felt] that Disney+” gave that to her because “Disney is involved in everything and because it’s involved in everything it will show all the movies and shows they’ve supported and invested in on their streaming service” despite it being presented as a “family and kid TV platform.”

Despite Disney+ appealing to the younger generation or family-oriented genres the interviews revealed that streaming viewers would still subscribe to the new king of streaming services–Disney–and drop their Netflix or Hulu subscription or keep them both.