West student teachers reflect on experiences


Gina Dauenheimer

Mr. Norton enjoyed his time at West and looks forward to the job hunt.

Gina Dauenheimer, Staff Reporter

Around 3.6 million student teachers are placed in schools in the US each year. They want to experience the real teacher life and get prepared for future endeavors. Here at West, we have student teachers in the English, foreign language, social studies, and science departments. Some of them shared their experiences and future plans.

“I like the school and my students in general, and my co workers, they helped me out a lot and made me feel really welcomed. I’m excited to teach German and French after my graduation.” said Ms. Rizko from the foreign language department.

“One of my passions about being an Spanish teacher is to teach people more than one language, it’s so important to travel and get out into the world, and get outside of your own country and experience other cultures. I will miss teaching here so much, but I’m excited to maybe teach in Danville,” said Mr. Norton, another student teacher from the foreign language department.

“If I learned anything from this experience, it’s that I love teaching” said Ms. Swords from the English department.

Mr.Watts, a social studies student teacher, said, “My favorite thing about student teaching is that you grow as a teacher, and interact with the students and learn a lot content wise,teaching wise and how to best teach certain material. After this is the big job search.”

Norton further said,“My general experience with student teaching is that it is been a lot easier than I thought it would be, even though it is a lot of work outside of the classroom itself. It’s definitely more enjoyable than my normal college life, and you learn a lot and grow as a teacher.”

The student teachers at West used their time to learn and get job experience. Let’s hope that the job search for them goes well, and maybe we’ll see some teachers return to West.