Normal West events to look forward to in 2019


Photo taken by Leah Grehan

Cameron Shandrow, Staff Reporter

With second semester starting at Normal West comes new and fun events for Wests’ students to participate in. Here’s a list for students to get on their calendars:

King of Hearts:

King of Hearts is pretty much known for being a “male beauty pageant”, but it’s actually more than that to students at Normal West. The purpose of King of Hearts is to collect donations for a student or staff member in need at NCWHS. Students at West will nominate three boys from each class to compete and be in the pageant. King of Hearts takes place on February 9th at 7:00pm. Justin Turner (sophomore) said that he’s excited to participate in King of Hearts because “I’ve always been a person that loves performing in-front of an audience.” He also said that he’s “glad it’s going to a good cause” and that he thinks “it’s an overall fun program, it’s something big that’s apart of the school…it brings everyone closer together to just relax and laugh.”

Days Off:

While there may not be any major holidays like Christmas this semester, there are plenty of days of for students to take advantage of.

Here’s a list of days off to get on your calendar:

January 21st

February 18th and 19th

Spring Break 23rd-30th

April 18th and 19th

Spring Musical:

The spring musical is put on by the music department at West. Rumor has it that the musical is going to be “Beauty and the Beast” this year. The musical auditions are open to anyone interested and are usually in March. The musical opening weekend is May 2nd through the 5th.

Prom/After Prom:

This event is a dance exclusively for juniors and seniors. The dance takes place on May 11th and the location will be determined soon. Most students look forward to After Prom, an event that takes place directly after the dance at NCWHS. Last year the event included inflatables, laser tag and a hypnotist. Leah Grehan (senior) went to prom last year as a junior and she’s “pumped to bust a move” and “eat all of the free After Prom catering”. Katherine Moody (junior) is going to her first prom this year. Moody said she is most excited to “dress up and wear a fancy dress.”

West Fest:

West Fest is a day in May that’s dedicated to an afternoon of students just having fun. There’s activities like fishing, swimming and basketball. There’s entertainment from the speech team and students have the opportunity to perform at an open mic. West Fest will be held on Friday May 10th.

Senior Events:

Because it’s their last year of school, seniors have their own special and fun events to attend. One of those events is the senior picnic. On the day of the senior picnic, all seniors go to Comlara Park and spend the day with each other. The senior picnic takes place on May 16th.  Senior luncheon and awards are on May 17th at the Doubletree Hotel.  

Another opportunity graduating seniors get to take is painting a brick on the senior hallway wall. It costs $5 and seniors paint the bricks on May 10th during West Fest.

Wall of painted bricks in the senior hallway. Photo taken by Cameron Shandrow.