Sharer-Barbee motivates students


Mrs. Sharer-Barbee teaches her health class about the importance of mental health in high school. Photo by: Hannah Sparrow

Hannah Sparrow, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Sharer-Barbee has been a physical education teacher at Normal West High School for seven years. She is one of two teachers at West that teaches Dance Fitness, but she also teaches a freshman and sophomore health class.

“When I was younger I would always get antsy and look forward to PE and recess. My PE teacher always had fun games. It made me think, that’s what I want to do. So when I met with college counselors later in life, they asked me what I’ve always enjoyed and physical education was my answer,” Sharer-Barbee said.

Sharer-Barbee studied physical education at Illinois State University. “Once I got to college, it added to my love for PE even more because I realized how important it is for your health. I thought this could really help people,” she added.

“If I was able to make people enjoy physical activity with being creative and make it fun then maybe promote students to live longer, happier, and healthier lives,” she said.

Sharer-Barbee teaches two classes at Normal West, one being a basic health class. She said her favorite part about teaching health is, “…teaching a class that I can actually say will help people later in life.”

“My favorite part of health class was when Sharer-Barbee announced her pregnancy. I could tell she was so genuinely excited about it. She updated us every week and it added to what we were learning.” Abby Traum (11) said.

Sharer-Barbee enjoys pouring her creativity into the second class she teaches, Dance Fitness. “My favorite activities that I’ve done with my Dance Fitness classes have been aerobic drumming and photo scavenger hunts. I like those two because it gets my students up and active but in an enjoyable way.” Sharer Barbee said.

Senior Bella Delsasso, who is in Sharer-Barbee’s Dance Fitness class said, “She always keeps the activities in Dance Fitness exciting and motivates us by joining along with us.”

Sharer-Barbee’s always positive attitude and investment in students’ lives  surely makes her stand out. Sharer-Barbee enjoys her job and loves “watching students grow up and learn to live a fulfilling life.”