Homecoming Week 2018!


A panoramic shot of the North Gym filled with students and staff during the assembly.


Chelsie Watkins
Since the theme of the dance is New York, the bulletin board is decorated with New York related things.
During homecoming week, FMP homerooms across all lunch hours decorate their doors to match the theme of the dance. Mrs. Saal’s homeroom, who meet in Mrs. Tomlin’s science classroom, decorated their door to match the subway theme of Sophomore hallway.
Photo by Ariana South.
The pillars in the main atrium of West are lined with black and white paper, with fun sayings including Westside Bestside, Go Cats, and What Team? Wildcats.
Photo by Ariana South

Check out the photo gallery of Wildcats celebrating Homecoming.

Emily Buaman
Normally graffiti is not aloud at West, but during homecoming week graffiti is the highlight of the sophomore subway themed hallway.
Mackenzie Piazza (senior), Addie Rutledge (senior), Caleb Morse (sophomore), showing their school spirit by participating in Jersey Day as a part of homecoming week.

Gina Dauenheimer
The Normal West Dance Team at the Homecoming Parade 2018.
Gina Dauenheimer
Freshmen Natalie Pile and Carly Donalson before their first Homecoming Parade.


The captains of West’s fall sports gather into a section to be recognized later in the assembly.

Paw Print Staff
The varsity cheer team starts off their performance at the Homecoming assembly.
Normal West dance team presents a stunning show at the Homecoming assembly on Friday morning.
Paw Print Staff
Sage Peterson (12) gets up to congratulate Robbie Henson (12) on winning Homecoming king.
The varsity football team hypes up the student body for the game that night.
Normal West Wildcat football team plays against the Peoria High School Lions at the Homecoming game. Photo by Cameron Shandrow.
Normal Marching Band performing during the Normal West Homecoming game during halftime. Photo by Cameron Shandrow.
Top row: Hannah Monagle (11), Reilly Traurig (12), Brianna Sauder (12), Hannah Beck (12), Claire Moody (9), Trinity Shandrow (9), Ellie Monagle (9)
Bottom Row: Isabelle Zhao (12), Leah Grehan (12), Katherine Moody (11), Cameron Shandrow (11)
West students taking pictures before the Homecoming dance at the ISU quad. Photo by: Isabelle Zhao
Gina Dauenheimer
Homecoming 2018