Freshman reflect on time in FMP


Emily Bauman

FMP’s take a break close to final exams and go outside during homeroom.

Emily Bauman, Staff Reporter

Unique to West is the FMP program that uses upperclassmen as mentors for the new incoming freshmen. This program consists of getting the freshmen adjusted to life at West, which at times can be quite confusing.

Freshmen coming to West are thrown into the crowded halls and the confusing room numbers on the first day of school. Instead of fending for themselves they can look for the bright green-shirted FMP leaders for guidance.

However,  FMP is more than guiding students on the first week of school it’s a guide through all the ins and the outs of what’s happening at west. They explain what all the different announcements mean and what events are happening because let’s be honest if you don’t go to West you don’t know what King of Hearts is.

FMP’s are expected to attend homeroom with specially chosen freshmen to offers words of wisdom and structure. Some days are meant for studying and others are more fun and games.

Now as the freshman’s first year at West is coming to a close and the upper-class leaders have passed on all that they can the freshmen reflect on all that FMP has done for them.

Freshmen Gabby Kutchma (11) said, “I was nervous about the change between a lot of my friends coming from Kingsley going to different schools so I was nervous about making new friends here at West”.

This isn’t an uncommon fear to have when coming to high school, like Gabby, Chloe McMorris (11) felt the same way before the first day of school; yet, FMP was able to make that process easier. She said, “They helped me meet people new and who I might not have taken too. They also helped me find my way around and start to feel comfortable here”.

Whether it’s putting easing nerves, explaining something or offering guidance on plans FMP had become a safe spot for freshmen to spend 15 minutes of the day.

Now that the year is officially coming to an end, the FMP leaders can only look at the freshmen they saw throughout the year and hope they made a large enough impact. Megan Marshall (11) said, “since the first day of school I’ve been looking out for these kids. I showed them around and helped make them feel comfortable. Now I can only hope that when they move on to higher levels and possible FMPS themselves they look back on this time with good memories”.

With the help of FMP leaders and advisors, the class of 2021 is now prepared and reflecting on those who made them ready to be sophomores in the big school that West is.