Post prom volunteers busy behind the scenes


Mrs. Nichols and her daughter are both working to make post prom the best it can be this year.

Emily Bauman, Staff Reporter

Prom is something that is portrayed in the media as the “best event you’ll ever go to in high school”. In reality, prom is just the pre-show to the real event, post prom.  This event is hosted at West after the annual prom for students to attend and enjoy the provided entertainment, food, and activities.

Director of Communications and Community Relations for Unit 5, Dayna Brown, described post prom as, “an event hosted by parents and community members with the goal to provide entertainment in safe, drug-free/alcohol-free environment and keep out students safe on a night often associated with reckless behavior”.

When the dancing and music stops at 11 pm on prom night, students are left wondering what to do next. Parents and the community want to make this night as special as possible by continuing the night with post prom.

Students can expect a hypnotist, inflatables, laser tag, ping-pong and other games. Students’ personal favorites have been taken into account when planning the event, according to Dayna Brown.

Post prom is a large event that takes large quantities of time and money that parents work together to obtain. Making post prom possible is done through fundraising, donations and parent volunteers.

One of the main ways post prom is paid for is through fundraisers. “Parents, students, and volunteers have organized many events such as chicken dinners, trivia nights, meal fundraisers at restaurants along with other smaller events,” according to parent volunteer, Mrs. Nichols.  

“I’ve volunteered at many of the post-prom events because my mom is helping organize them. I don’t mind volunteering because it only ensures that this year’s post-prom will be the best it can be,” said students Riley Nichols (11).

This year’s prom theme is “the Oscars” making post prom theme “the red carpet after party”. All students who buy an early ticket will receive a t-shirt designed by students.Surprises relating to the themes will accompany the normal attractions of post-prom.  

Behind every fun activity is the time, hard work, and money by the hard work of Teachers, community members, and students. While students prepare for the most important event of the year, it’s the volunteers who make it possible.