King of Hearts, more than just a show


After getting serious about the donation, the boys got serious about learning the group dance.

Emily Bauman, Staff Reporter

One of the most popular events Normal West Student Council puts on each year is King of Hearts. This ‘male beauty pageant’ is known for boys dancing, singing and making fools of themselves on the stage, but most importantly, King of Hearts serves as a fundraiser to support someone close to West.

Those who have not attended a King of Hearts show might not know of the goal behind the show: supporting a Wildcat in need. Each year, someone is selected that has some connections to West, so it hits close to home for the majority of the audience. In previous shows, the money has gone to staff members battling cancer, injured West students, or a future west student in need.

Although the name of the person who is receiving the donation this year has not been released, it is predicted that the show will raise around 3,000 dollars to help pay the expenses accumulated from a cancer diagnosis.

At the first practice, Mrs. Hoffman’s and Bobby Dicken sat everyone down to discuss the donation process. It starts with deciding who the money is going to and the reason to help them. Then the contestants voted and a recipient was selected.

“I was new to student council this year and I expected the practices to be all fun. I didn’t expect the first practice to start off seriously discussion who the donation would go to this year. It’s good to see that even though this is a fun event, the donations and fundraiser aspect is so important to everyone and taken seriously,” said Anna Bankston (11)

“We consider who in the school might need some help and we ask people who they would know of to give the money to. Everyone votes and then we contact the family,” said Hoffman when explaining how everything would go at the first practice.

Donations are collected during the show and before the show. Student council members, the contestants, Mrs. Hoffman and DJ and former West student, volunteer Bobby Dickens all put in the work to make this show happen without any personal gain.

“Upperclassmen are all asked to call around to get donations from local businesses and to come to practices twice a week after school. It’s a big commitment, but the end product is worth it, we get to help someone and put on an awesome show,” said Student Council Vice President Molly Mook (11).

This year’s show will be on  February 10th at 7 pm. Students can buy tickets during their lunch hours or the day of the show in the auditorium. The show entails a group dance, questions and answers, pick up lines, formal wear, and individual talents. Not only is King of Hearts a time for West students to see fellow classmates in a male pageant, it’s a time to support a Wildcat in need.