New semester brings changes for Wildcats


Ryan Gibson

Ms. Marvin is seen passing out a syllabus to her English II class as the new semester begins.

Ryan Gibson, Staff Reporter

As students return for their last semester of the school year they are possibly dealing with new classes, teachers, and or lunch hours.

Coming back for the new semester means a second chance for students to improve upon what they didn’t do well on last semester. That could include study habits, paying attention in class, or doing homework. Another thing that could help improving grades would be transitioning into new classes and having new teachers. These changes can also bring out a better side to the student that they may have lacked in the first semester. 

Ben Smith (12), was asked if he changed classes or teachers and he responded by saying “Not really, but I do switch hours of classes which is different from last semester.” He also said his goal for the new semester is to improve his grades and also do his homework.

Junior Mackenzie Allsop said, “I switched gym classes from last semester and also switched study hall hours.” She also added: “Hopefully with a later study hall period I can do more of my homework.” Her goal for the semester is to improve upon her grades and focusing more on physics.

Jenna Kirkwood, a senior, said “I would like to enjoy my last semester of high school while also getting good grades and living life to the fullest.” She also added that her schedule changed a lot from last semester.

Kirkwood said, “I changed my math class to zero hour and then hopefully I’ll have more time to do my homework since I’ll be getting out earlier.”

The students that were interviewed all agreed that the new semester brings another opportunity to better their academic success from taking new semester classes to having new teachers.

For some, the new semester is a welcome change.  New lunch hours, classes, teachers, and friends might be on the horizon as Normal West closes out the 2017-2018 school year.