Wildcat administration addresses school policies through song


Emily Bauman

Leah Grehan and Mrs. Codron (left to right) pose together in the morning while the school song played over the loudspeaker.

Emily Bauman, Staff Reporter

Normal West is featuring a new school song, “Our View”, in the 2017-2018 school year. The song, highlighting the most important school rules, is written by Mrs. Angie Codron and sung by student Leah Grehan (11).

In order to make back to school assemblies better for students, the information was written into a song. “I knew the way we presented the assembly was kind of boring. I thought if we added a song into it, and incorporated it throughout the day, year, or in the classroom, then it would be better,” said Mrs. Codron

Once the idea was approved, Mrs. Codron ran with the idea and it was presented during the first day of school in all classes.

Writing songs was nothing new to Assistant Principal Codron, as a previous science teacher Codren utilized songs in order to teach her class lessons.

“I had written songs in the past so it only took me a Friday.  I emailed it to Leah and within like four day it was this beautiful song,” said Codron. “Our view” was written to the Bruno Mars song “That’s what I like”.

Lyrics in the song remind students of school policies including referrals, dress codes, tardies, assisted help, and more. Most importantly the “Our View” reminds students to make the most out of their 49 minutes in the classroom.

“I wanted to really highlight Leah and her talents and make the class assemblies less boring and I think that point got across,” said Mrs. Codron.

Leah Grehan (11) sung and recorded the song. Leah said, “I was totally down for the opportunity! The only reservation I had was if I had time to do it, but since Mrs. Codron wrote all the lyrics, it made everything go along much quicker”

Leah is a promising Wildcat who participates in the live music community in Bloomington Normal. Leah can often be heard at local venues.

“I knew Leah could sing, I had heard her sing at a festival and she was in my homeroom. I knew I didn’t want to sing and her abilities and equipment would make it well received,” said Codron.

When ask how this experience has been for her, Grehan said, “It’s a good time. I’ve been pursuing music for quite some time, but this definitely is a new unique experience having my voice on the intercom every single morning blaring out some sick respect 49 jams.”

“I honestly had no idea what to expect. I knew the whole school would hear it at some point, but I didn’t know it would be played every day. Walking down the hallways in the morning is super entertaining seeing how everybody reacts to it” added Grehan.

Students have had mixed reactions, some really like the song while some others think it’s over played.

“I like the song, it’s catchy, but starting to become overplayed. I don’t realize it, but I sing or hum along when it’s played,” said Melody Holland (11).

Some students have gotten annoyed with the song being played every day; Codron understands and hears the negatives comments and plans to change this.

Each morning though the first quarter, Mrs. Codron fills the halls of West with Leah’s voice. Starting now students will only hear the song on Mondays and late start days.

Those who like the song can go to Leah’s Instagram page (leahmarlenegrehan) and find a link to order shirts in all colors with the most popular phrases from the songs: “Respect 49 is SO nice” and “that’s what Mr. Caffey likes”.

There might be hope for a new song. Mrs. Codron is considering topics like standard based grading or for guidance and signing up for classes. Codron said, “If you have feedback I’d love to hear it. Suggestions and ideas are great to hear.”

“Our View”, written and performed by Mrs. Codren and Leah Grehan, is a reminder of the school’s policies in a fun way.