Club Fair helps Wildcats get involved


Emily Bauman

Many tables used colorful flyers and signs to demonstrate what the club was about. Information, projects, activities and other information was displayed at each table to attract students to their interests and give information about the clubs meeting, projects and FCCLA used a tri fold, flyers, and candy to get as many new members as possible.

Emily Bauman, staff reporter

The annual West Club Fair took place Thursday, September 14th in the multipurpose room. During lunch hours, students in FMP and home rooms were invited to walk through booths set up for various clubs in the school. The goal is to expose students to the wide range of clubs at Normal West.

The fair’s main function is to show freshmen students parts of West they might not have seen yet. “A lot of freshmen get overwhelmed when coming to West and they miss opportunities to join in on actives, the club fair is a good reminder that there are more things to West than just classes”, said FMP Melody Holland (11)

“I went with my FMP class. I did end up recognizing a few of the clubs there, but I did see some that were totally new to me. I am considering joining the RAK, Random Acts of Kindness, since it seemed cool and it was recommended to me”, said Ana Dejaynes (9).

“I think the Club Fair is good because we’re able to show our club to freshmen who didn’t even know what FCCLA was or freshmen who knew about FCCLA but didn’t know it was at West,” said FCCLA officer Molly Mook (11).

This is a time for clubs at West to make a push for new members. “We should see a lot of new faces at our next meeting,” continued Mook.

Most clubs use candy or flyers to make students remember their clubs. FCCLA and Random Acts of Kindness both handed out candy. Student Council held signup for next year’s applications. Many clubs utilized current members to talk and answer questions students might have.

Normal West has clubs for every student’s interests. Commonly known clubs like Student Council, Key Club, Girls Who Code and Business clubs tend to be some of the most popular. But clubs like Random Acts of Kindness, Fellowship of Christian Athletes also have a great club to offer. The Club fair makes sure every student has a club they can get involved in.