Coach April Schermann: the queen of diamonds


Joel Fellers

Schermann directed the Intercity Team, warming them up to get ready to play the game on June 10, 2013.

Hayle Waller, Staff Reporter

 Normal West softball coach April Schermann, in her 14th year of coaching, has a life that revolves around softball.

She takes pride in the game and all her players. Not only that, but she lives through her players. She wants all her players to succeed, have fun, and enjoy the game just as much as she does coaching it.

She attended Illinois State, where she also played softball. She played shortstop and second base and has her bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education, Minor in Physics, and Master of Arts in teaching and leadership.

Schermann’s biggest interest in the sport is being able to help female athletes reach to their highest potential. By being the NCWHS softball coach, she is able to do that through all her players.

“My favorite thing about coaching is just being able to see the players improvements throughout the season from begin to end,” said Schermann.

She also admits that there not only a learning process with the players but with the coaches as well.

“Some things I have learned while coaching is to use each loss as a learning experience. Not only that but setting goals and being able to make it happen,” added Schermann.

Schermann says the things that make her most excited about softball and what she looks forward to most is the players, and being able to help them achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

Savana Mattson (11) said, “Schermann is a great coach, she teaches all the players so much every year. She has so much pride her team and all her players.”

“I have learned so much from Schermann, as a pitcher you build up pressure and frustration on the mound and Scherman is good at being able to make me feel confident”, added Mattson.

Schermann loves the role she plays as a coach at Normal West. She loves the sport and wants female athletes to be engaged in the softball program at Normal West.

She wants freshman to know that, “We value hard work and value the importance of being a great teammate.”