West celebrates 20th Homecoming Week


Homecoming week brings together the student body and staff to celebrate Normal West spirit.

Students can particpate in a variety of ways during spirit week dress up days. The week consisted of Monday: American day, Tuesday: senior citizen day, Wednesday jersey day, Thursday: beach day, but for seniors it was character day, and Friday: blackout/West spirit wear for the football game.  

Monday night the school held a boys volleyball tournament in the north gym. Any high school boy could participate in the tournament. The senior boys won after having  a close first round game against the juniors.

A West tradition is to have the junior girls play the senior girls in a PowderPuff flag football game after the Homecoming parade on Wednesday. The seniors took the home side and juniors took the visiting side of the field. The junior team was coached by Mr.Weber and Mr.Klokkenga and the senior coaches were Mr.Berardi and Mr.Sennett. Andrea Gordon said, “I thought Coach Berardi did a good job coaching the offense, and he made it fun for all of us seniors.”

The homecoming assembly was on Friday afternoon. All the students gathered in the gym to recognize the fall sports, crown the king and queen, and get excited for the football game. Homecoming court nominee Arielle Woodard said, “I am very surprised that my peers chose me to be on the homecoming court.” Coach Hess rallies up all of the students at the end of the assembly.  

    One of the main highlights during the week was the homecoming football game on Friday night at 7pm. West played the Danville Vikings this year. Danville had a record of 0-4 while West’s record was 2-2. A lot of talk had been brought upon this game as well. Prior to the game, senior football player Mason Cook said, “Danville is a good team but if everyone can play together we can beat anyone.”  After the game there was fireworks to celebrate West’s 20th anniversary. Normal West beat Danville 48-28 after a close three quarters.

    Thanks to student council and the student class boards, our school was decorated in a board game theme. The freshman hallway theme was Monopoly, sophomore hallway was LIFE, junior hallway was Candy Land, and the senior hallway was Clue. Student council President, Rachel Smith said, “Homecoming week gives us a chance to come together as  a student body and participate in something fun that we don’t usually do.”

    The homecoming dance was the big finale of the week. The dance was on Saturday the 27th in the north gym and starts at 7pm and ended at 10pm. Amber Helton said, “As a senior, I’m excited to get funky with all my friends on the dance floor at homecoming!”


Normal West celebrates its 20th homecoming week.

The group of girls dress up for American Day.