Spring horror movies fail to scare


With many highly anticipated movies coming out this spring many people will be going to the movies; however, some movies fell to shame as others rose to greatness.

In recent weeks, two horror movies made their way to the big screen. However some say that one movie was a failure as another came out on top as a different kind of horror. Many that have gone to see “A Haunted House 2” came out of the movie feeling uncomfortably dirty. The movie mixes several horror movies together and in a sense, makes fun of them. However theres a line that separates good comedy and a random assortment of sexual and racial jokes that make little to no sense to the movie and aren’t even that funny; a line the producer Michael Tiddes had no problem in crossing.

The movie itself used jokes that were mainly centered around sexual and racial themes that prevented the movie from having a good sense of humor. Many viewers say that only two parts of the movie, about 10 minutes of it, is even funny. Moments that include a falling safe and another with a rooster fight. “ Frustratingly, the rest of the movie was not nearly as funny.” says Jack Forey, a reporter.

In the opening weekend “A Haunted House” made a net income of $9.1 million, a pitiful amount compared the the $21.1 million that Oculus made in the opening days.” It doesn’t surprise me that Oculus did better, it was a great movie,” says Elizabeth Henthorn(viewer).

Oculus takes the horror movies to a new realm. As an actual horror movie it features a storyline that is slowly revealed throughout the movie, while it takes you through a fight of reality and illusion. “Finally, a horror film that tries for more than jolts and gore.” says Robert Denerstein(Critic).

The movie has little gore or jump scares. It relies on bending reality and great acting to cause the audience to have a feeling of no control. The movie itself is confusing, even after the ending, causing the mind to twist in different directions and alternate storylines as the past and present combine to make the end of the story and give the audience the answer. With the lack of gore and scares Oculus managed to bring in more money in the opening days of it playing the gross income of the lifetime income of the first “ A Haunted House” movie.

A Haunted House 2 had potential but fell short due to its overuse of crude horror and lack of an actual developed story line, leaving many viewers wishing they hadn’t spent the time and money on it. However, as one movie failed, Oculus succeeded in many aspects of good horror and left the audience feeling good about what they just saw.