Benefits of choosing year round schooling

There are many benefits to year round schooling. Photo courtesy of Microsoft Images

There are many benefits to year round schooling. Photo courtesy of Microsoft Images

A lot of people don’t think that year round schooling can be beneficial to schools, but when schools have year round school they see many benefits.

With year round schooling districts can have school for eight weeks of school then three weeks of break and still have six weeks off for summer.

“I think that year round school would be better because the students wouldn’t get burnt out as easily,” said Emily Koranek (10).

During the regular school year students get antsy and can’t wait for the end of the year. If year round schooling was put in place the students would get longer breaks before going back to school.

This could make students more driven to go to school because they would have a longer time to be out of school at a time instead of only the weekends summer and the random days that are holidays.

“It would benefit the students in them not having to remember things over the summer and it would help the students retain the information better than with just the school year and the long summer,” said Mrs. Lindahl, a Spanish teacher at West.

Being able to attain and then retain the information throughout the year is difficult, if there was year round schooling students would have an easier time in retaining the information and will learn more and would do better on tests because they have more time with the subject at a time at a time because they would have straight weeks of school at a time.

The NEA says that year round schooling is a better use for the building because then it isn’t unoccupied for the years that the schools are off.

Many benefits can come out of having year round schooling. The schooling makes it easier for students and would end up being more beneficial to students and their families.