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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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West’s IMC has a busy February and prepares for an even busier March

courtesy of Tera Hafermann
Students Leah Carcasson and Belle Phillips look through the ‘Blind Date with a Book’ options during February’s fun IMC display. Students were encouraged to have a ‘blind date’ with a book by choosing one to read and then reporting back on whether they enjoyed it or not. By filling out the bookmark, students were entered into a raffle.

If you’ve been in West’s IMC over the last couple of weeks, you’ve surely noticed the extra traffic! In fact, the month of February was full of fun IMC activities.

The first February activity was ‘Blind Date with a Book’ played off of the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” All books that were displayed in the IMC were wrapped with a little bookmark. On the bookmark, there was a place for participants to write their name, the title and author of the book, five different stars to rate their “date,” and a section to say a few words about their “date.”

Freshman Kenzie Wegerzyn was this year’s winner for ‘Blind Date with a Book’ in the IMC. Wegerzyn read ‘The Inheritance Games,’ which she highly recommends to any reader! (Courtesy of Tera Hafermann)

Finally, participants could circle ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to whether they would recommend the book to someone. If they selected a book and checked it out at the IMC desk, they were vowed to not unwrap the book until they got home.

The winner was chosen last Friday, and announced on Monday, March 4.

This year’s winner was Freshman Kenzie Wegerzyn!  Wegerzyn read “The Inheritance Games” by Jennifer Lyn Barnes and gave it an astronomical 5 stars!

Wegerzyn’s review stated, “I’m still reading the book, but it’s a mystery about a girl who finds out that her name was in a billionaire’s will. So far it’s really intriguing.” She highly recommends this book!

Black History Month was also being celebrated in the IMC during the month of February. IMC Coordinators, Tera Hafermann and Lisa Nichols showcased many amazing people throughout the world’s history. There was a huge selection of amazing books and there seemed to be a ton of interest in those books.

Mrs. Hafermann and Ms. Nichols worked very hard to create a display for Black History Month throughout the month of February.  Above is a display of the books featured in the front of the IMC. (courtesy of Tera Hafermann)

In addition to February’s activities, March 4-8 (this week) is known as ‘Read Across America’ Week.

‘Read Across America’ aims to “create & celebrate a nation of diverse readers.” Students are recording themselves reading diverse children’s books aloud. The videos are then edited and sent to elementary schools around Unit 5.

Find more info at

There will also be a “Spin to Win” wheel challenge in the IMC, relating to the daily hashtag and a prompt relating to a book that is posted in the IMC Google Classroom (code: goi3hyv)!

Just fill out the Google Form with your response to enter for a chance to win a daily prize!

March Madness is also a part of this month’s IMC events. The bracket is made up of the Lincoln Award nominees, and everybody in the school has a chance to vote up until there is a champion.

Additionally, there is a bonus for voting! Voting for a book will automatically enter your name into a raffle.

Lastly, March is also Women’s History month! There will be books front and center that will be accessible for everyone to read relating to all the amazing women who have had a monumental impact in our history!

Check out some of the inspiring reads, and while you’re at it, have shot at some Women’s History trivia displayed on the TVs!

Just like the display for Black History Month, the month of March will showcase a display for Women’s History Month. Above, the Women’s History month features many favorite books about women throughout history. In addition to this display the IMC will also host trivia among other activities for students and staff to enjoy! (Courtesy of Tera Hafermann)
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