West’s cafeteria offers new options

Micah Johnson, Staff Reporter

Two weeks ago in the cafeteria, West’s fountain soda machines disappeared and more and more bottled soda started to show up in the drink coolers. Along with the disappearance of the fountain machine, Normal West saw the addition of two new vending machines in the band atrium and the near the athletic office. These new machines offer snacks now as opposed to the other vending machines only offering beverages.

  The vendinvending-machinesg machine in the band atrium offers a huge selection of candy, muffins, chips, and snacks. Carly Goben (12) was asked if she ever used the new vending machines.  She said, “No. I would, but I am never in the band hallway so it’s out of my way.” Goben was also asked if she liked the selection in the vending machine, she said, “Yes, there’s a ton of stuff I love in there and wish they would put one in the main atrium so I could take advantage of it more.”

On the opposite side of the school near the athletic office a brand new Gatorade vending machine was just put in offering protein shakes, bars, as well as energy chews. There is a wide selection, especially for athletes who are on the go before or after a workout and want to grab a quick shake. Kylee Hess (12) commented on the new machine. “I like this because when I come to practice in the morning and I usually don’t eat, it gives me a chance to get something in my stomach before I practice.”

The loss of the fountain soda machines in the cafeteria doesn’t seem to have caused much of an uproar. When Nick Banser (11) was asked how he felt about losing the machine has stated,“Well, I enjoyed getting a Cherry Coke every day, but it’s not too bad because I get more soda from the bottled drinks than I did in the fountain.”

Students seem to like the new vending machines,but only time will tell how much change comes to the Normal West snacking scene.