Global ISIS attacks continue

Riley Foil and Karrigan Hardy

ISIS strikes many times over again, the most recent incident being the abduction of Syrian cement factory workers amongst many other instances.

On Thursday, April 7th ISIS militants were holding the workers from the plant near Damascus. Author of CNN article, Greg Botelho, said “The company had not been in contact with staff as of late Thursday afternoon.”

A witness had seen the workers being put onto buses heading towards more ISIS dominated areas. 150-250 factory employees were believed to be missing. During the attack 140 workers were able to escape.

Another instance is the ISIS involvement in Iraq and the Iraqi retaliation attempts. Iraqi and American troops are stationed at the Nineveh Province Joint Operations Command Center where the troops have been waging a war on ISIS.

Authors Arwa Damon and Hamdi Alkhshalion CNN quoted a military officer at the station, ““You came in maybe three hours into the battle,” explains Colonel Scott Naumann, of the U.S. 10th Mountain Division, which is partnered with the Nineveh command. “What we initially saw was Daesh flowing out,” he says, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS. “So what we’re seeing really is just kind of the remnants of the force that was in the town.”

In another ISIS attack attempt in Afghanistan’s capital occurred Saturday, April 9th. The rocket strikes were intended to target U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, but luckily there were no casualties as a result from the attack.

A student at West who is very passionate about the ISIS wrongdoings and attacks is junior is Clinton Bloyd, a very patriotic student.

“I’ve heard about a couple of the attacks, and that recent one that you mentioned earlier about the factory workers. I just feel like all of it is pretty petty and ridiculous. What are their goals? Who are they even targeting? I would blow them up if I had the chance. I mean, I guess that makes me sound no better than them but it works somehow. ‘Merica,” said Bloyd.

In an article on CNN by Holly Yan, it was questioned why ISIS targeted Paris and more recently Brussels. They found that for France it was because, “France is part of a U.S.-led coalition that has been bombing ISIS targets,” and Brussels as well but because, “Belgium is also a valuable terror target. Many Muslim youth there feel marginalized.”

The big question is, when will ISIS quit? Who will stop them? Hopefully soon, the answer will be revealed and the terror will stop.