UFL starting soon

As the second semester of school at Normal West is well underway, the annual Ultimate Frisbee League season is right around the corner.

Captain’s meetings were on Thursday, February 25th, and after that teams will have a few weeks to pick their colors and assemble the team that they believe has a chance to win the championship.

Ever since this league’s establishment over a decade ago, it has been a student favorite and kids from all grades are always eager to participate in the tournament.

Junior Ally McSwain spoke about frisbee and said, “I’ve played in UFL for my first two years here at West and I’m super excited to play for Panic! at the DISC-o and I hope that my team does really well and makes it far into the tournament.”

UFL has become a tradition at West, and even freshmen who have yet to be a part of the league have heard about it and are anxious to be involved.

Freshman Adriana Alimi stated, “I’m stoked to get to be a part of UFL even though I know my team probably won’t do that well. It seems like a really fun way to be involved at West and everyone seems to have a good time with it.”

Mr. Weber, science teacher and leader of UFL at West, was asked what he enjoys most about running this league and he said, “Well, one of my favorite aspects of the league is that the kids basically run it themselves. The games don’t require much supervision and the kids do a spectacular job to have good sportsmanship which makes the league all the more fun.”

Weber also went on to say, “I am very fond of UFL here at West because it’s an interesting activity that gets kids from all realms of the school involved. It’s nice to see the athletes, band kids, and kids who usually don’t get involved with clubs come together and participate in something together.”

The season of UFL will begin the week after spring break and will then continue into May.

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