Budget cuts impact the freshmen mentoring program

The Freshman Mentoring Program is highly important to Normal West. This program allows freshmen to have an easier transition into high school with the help of upperclassmen. This program was first launched in the fall of 2006 and led by Ms. Berny Chiaro. She was the director and chairman of the program until the spring of 2014.  


The Freshman Mentoring Program experienced budget cuts before the 2015-2016 school year. This caused both difficulties and positive solutions within the program. Teacher and advisor Katy Klokkenga stated that, “since the budget cuts, the FMP program has lacked on communication.” 


In the past all the teacher advisors would meet with the head of the program and discuss the plans for future activities. Today, each advisory only meets with their upperclassmen, which has caused tension and miscommunication between the advisories.


Not all cuts were an issue. The head advisor Jason Klokkenga set up a go fund me page in support of the FMP program, which has raised a good amount of money for the program


Teacher and advisor Mrs. Amanda Long, stated that “West has also received money from grants.” The FMP program is doing everything they can in order to keep this program running smoothly.


Normal West’s sister school Normal Community also had budget cuts on their mentoring program. Sadly their program is no longer in existence, which West is trying to avoid this at all costs. Junior mentor Coleman Albaugh said  “The FMP program is highly impactful, and I would hate to see it go.”


The FMP program has faced a difficult situation, however, it is loved by many and will continue to grow and face this issue.