Hundreds of hostages rescued from terrorist group Boko Haram

Hundreds of hostages rescued from terrorist group Boko Haram

Last Tuesday almost 300 women and girls were rescued by Nigeria’s military, and progress continues today after more than 150 additional hostages were freed by Nigerian troops. This marks an enormous success against the militant Islamic terror organization, which has killed thousands of civilians in northeastern Nigeria.

“Change is happening in Nigeria, and change is good,” said Mr. Klokkenga, who teaches International Relations and other civics classes at West. He discussed that such development could be the result of the recent presidential election, in which former president Goodluck Jonathan lost the race to Mahammadu Buhari, a retired general of the military.

Buhari promised the people of Nigeria that he would not allow Boko Haram to run rampant through Nigeria, and he would take control to stop their terrorist movements. According to Emma Nippe (11), “This is a very good sign. I think if Buhari managed to start taking action, Boko Haram will have to start being more cautious.”

Her ideas were echoed by other students happy to see change. “I think it’s great that they’re finally doing something,” said Emily Schreieder (12). Senior Ash Reynolds agrees: “I’m glad that these girls were rescued. I hope that soon the girls kidnapped from Chibak are rescued soon, too.”

This success is a good step towards change, said Will Teichman (12,) “but it’s not enough. The military needs to cut off potential recruits to reduce the terrorist groups’ number.”

This fortunate turn of events is hopefully the start of a long chain of successes, and Nigeria and the international community all agree that progress is not just necessary- it’s vital.