Senior packet released, students weigh in on events


Summer Elsaadany

Senior packet.

With second semester beginning, many of the important, traditional events are approaching for senior students. Normal West offers a variety of activities for seniors to celebrate their final year during the second semester. The senior packet was released on January 14 on the Normal West website for students to look at. It includes a list of events and important notes regarding these events.

Some of the major events include prom on April 18, senior signing day on May 1, senior awards night on May 7, the senior picnic on May 14, the senior luncheon and senior assembly on May 18, and the commencement ceremony on May 23. The packet also includes post-graduation plans which are due on May 1 for seniors.

Anthony Biddle (12) said, “I’m looking most forward to the senior picnic because it means I get to leave school and eat. I think senior events are a fun idea and are probably good enforcers for students to finish the year on a positive note.”

“Personally, I’m most excited for senior awards night because that’s when I feel most appreciated for the work I put in the whole year. I like that we have senior events. I had enough credits to graduate last semester, but I chose not to graduate early so that I could participate in the senior events and have that experience. It’s hard to say if it’s incentive for people to finish the year off on a good note, though, because I feel like for me, I’ve accomplished enough that the events are really just there for the experience,” said Hannah Schiller (12).

“I think I’m most looking forward to going to prom because I didn’t go last year and I think this year it’d be a pretty fun experience. Having senior events allows people to spend their last year in high school doing activities with their friends and just in general gives seniors something to do, which is good because when senioritis kicks in, it’s hard to get people motivated so this gives students tangible encouragement,” said Shayna Fever (12).

Deadlines for event sign-ups are included in the packet.