West offers new entrepreneur class

West offers new entrepreneur class

An exciting new addition has been made to Wests’ long list of business classes: an immersion-style entrepreneurship course. This new class, eligible to seniors only, provides a hands-on style of learning to invite seniors into the lives of business owners and entrepreneurs. This year- long class engages students in the startup of businesses as well as their developments and plans on creating meaningful connections with local business owners.

Rather than learning in classrooms, students will often visit local business, partner with mentors, and learn from guest speakers to help them develop their own business idea, presenting their business progress to a panel of investors throughout the year.  Cooperation and collaboration will be further developed in this course, as well as responsibility, motivation, and prototyping. This unique new style of teaching is a totally new concept for West and is sure to provide an exciting alternative to learning in a classroom.

Erin Jochum (12) stated, “This is exciting! I would take this class if I were not a senior. I love business so much, and this is a great opportunity.”  Kaleigh Anderson (12) wholeheartedly agreed that this presents a great choice for students looking for something different. “This is great for the people who want a different style of class,” she enthused.

Peyton Ort (12) said, “This is an excellent opportunity for all students who wish to achieve.” The business department hopes that this class will be a success and students will enjoy this interesting new style of class.

This class is only available to seniors who are able to transport themselves to class or to various businesses. It will take place during both first and second hours and students will return to school for third hour. Current juniors must apply for this class by November 14 and will be chosen to participate in an interview process to choose class members. They will be notified before Thanksgiving if they have been chosen for an interview.  An application can be found at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1gFTNEJ9pS72eUFAoKydh-zWQsjLJJzlR6tEJKRGAwHU/viewform