Medical marijuana production facility approved

A photograph of a marijuana plant.

A photograph of a marijuana plant.

After officials deliberated last week, a medical marijuana production facility was approved to be constructed by LCC Holdings, an organization based in Lockport IL. The facility will be established in Delavan, a small town outside Springfield, and despite complaints from some concerned Illinoisans who believe this will lead to the abuse of the drug, overall the response has been positive. The State’s Department of Public Health last week said that more than 2,000 people registered for Illinois medical marijuana.

The 60,000 square foot facility, according to WEEK, will be one of the largest plants nationwide, servicing areas throughout the state.  Mr. Klokkenga, who teaches US Government at West, is confident that this facility is bound to change the community.

“This is something that could benefit the state financially. Tax dollars are going to be made here.  Our legislation has determined that this is going to be a positive change in Illinois.” Klokkenga said, though he also stated his thoughts about the risks involved. “There is always a possibility that this could be abused, which may lead people to ask what exactly qualifies someone to receive medical marijuana.”

He also discussed the possibility of introducing recreational marijuana to the state in the future. “Take a look at Colorado.  When marijuana was legalized there, the economy did receive a boost.  Though it’s not being legalized here, things could be going in that direction for the state financially. With the creation of this plant, recreational marijuana may be something that voters will be able to decide upon in the future.”

Mr. Klokkenga isn’t the only one who believes that the facility could benefit the community.  Anthony Biddle (12), said, “It could bring people from other places here to Illinois. It could also provide a good source of revenue for the state.”

Mike Weisenfelder (12) agreed, saying, “For people who need it, it’s definitely a benefit to our community. I think our government can help regulate it so it’s not abused.”

Delevan officials hope that the taxes produced from the facility will help keep the school district, which is in financial crisis, afloat.