Successful spring blood drive encourages West


Students Zach Harp (12) and Mady Hasett (11) sit at the refreshments table after donating.

Inspired to do good, students and faculty helped save lives by giving blood on April 11 at Normal West’s spring blood drive.  The drive, run by the Red Cross, proved to be a great success and provided a meaningful opportunity for students to help the community.

“I’d say that it was a huge success,” Mrs. Saal, who runs the spring blood drive, reported. “I believe we have 67 good units of blood to use.” She added that there were more donators than there had been for last year’s spring drive, and she was hopeful that even more would donate next year.

Donators who had finished giving blood gathered at a refreshments table with snacks like cookies, soda, and pizza to help re-energize them.  Among them were students Zach Harp (12), Mady Hassett (11) and Angela Dobill (12). They all agreed wholeheartedly that it had been an easy experience and encourage students to donate.

“It’s for a great cause,” said Harp.  “Everyone was very friendly, and it was a nice experience. Plus, you get pizza!” He was very enthusiastic and went on to say that he hoped to continue donating blood when he got older as well.

Dobill had a similar experience. “It was very easy, and everyone was gentle and very helpful.”   Her words were echoed by Hassett, who said, “Everyone who can donate should. It wasn’t painful and I was constantly being told by the nurses that my blood could save three lives, so it was really encouraging.”

Students and staff agreed that the blood drive helped to benefit not only those who would need blood later, but those who donated.  Normal West hosts a blood drive every fall and spring that is open to the public as well as students.  These donations continue to be successful and West will continue serving the community by giving people the opportunity to donate.

In the words of Zach Harp, “It helps everyone involved, and it makes you feel like you did a good thing.”