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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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Club Spotlight: Normal West Drama Club

Started by current Junior, the Drama Club is a space to further one’s passion for theater
Faithe Streily
Apart of their meetings, the Drama Club hosts fun exercises to act together. Throughout their scenes, members are able to learn more about eachother and become better friends.

The Normal Community West High School Drama Club was founded by current junior Faithe Streily in July 2022.

“I saw how connected everyone was in their schools’ drama programs. I really wanted to amplify the involvement and passion in our own theater department, and I really wanted to create a space that would allow for people that loved theater to come together and create a sort of family and community within it!” Streily states.

The club officially began at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, with Mr. Ryan Kerr, former English teacher and Drama Club adviser, as the sponsor. Since his leave in Dec. 2023, Ms. Deanna Wiist has taken over the adult supervision role.

“I enjoy it. I have worked with speech and drama my whole career, so it is a natural fit,” Wiist states.

In addition, Wiist helps with the Fall Play and teaches various social study courses here at West.

“It [Drama Club] has changed slightly, not much though! The only thing that’s mainly changed is the room, but Ms. Wiist is a great sponsor too [miss you Kerr!], and she’s willing to help in whatever way she can, and I’m grateful for that,” Streily adds.

Although the club needs a adult sponsor, Streily works on organizing and announcing meetings by herself.

She runs the theater Instagram page (@ncwhstheatre), and announces meetings there.

Additionally, Streily plans all the club’s activities by herself, brings snacks, and ensures that everyone in the club is connected.

Friendships and bonds are easy to come by in the club, due to nearly everyone participating in theater-related events in and outside of school.

“The students are generally all involved with the musical or play in some capacity…so that keeps everyone busy,” Wiist states.

In the future, the Drama Club hopes to work towards building a stronger community and presence at West.

“The major goal of this club has always been to create a group of people, that love theater, in whatever form, whether that be tech and backstage, or acting, and give them a place where we can hang out, bond, and just have fun and build that community and family of theater people, which we do every single time we meet,” Streily states.

Additionally, Wiist and Streily hope to implement a board of officers to assist with club meetings, as well as taking over after Streily’s graduation in spring 2025.

Watch the group’s Instagram for future announcements as well as meetings!

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