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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

The Paw Print

News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

The Paw Print

Jeffrey Kroesch: a new face to Normal West’s English Department

When Mr. Kerr, a beloved English teacher at West, left mid-year, the Normal West English Department recently hired Mr. Jeffrey Kroesch to take over the reigns. Kroesch comes from District 87 and is thrilled to join the Normal West family. Welcome, Mr. Kroesch!

A new face has appeared at Normal Community West High School. Mr. Jeffrey Kroesch, an English and Creative Writing teacher, has joined the Wildcats halfway through the 2023-24 school year.

Kroesch previously taught in Bloomington Public Schools for 9 ½ years as an 8th grade Language Arts Teacher. He is taking over classes from his predecessor, Mr. Ryan Kerr took a new position outside the district at the conclusion of the first semester.

“I’m loving it, this is a wonderful place to teach and my students have been fantastic,” Kroesch enthusiastically states. He heard about this position from his wife, Veronica Kroesch, who works in the main office here at Normal West.

In his new position, Kroesch has a mix of English II and III classes, some co-taught, as well as Creative Writing, which Kroesch considers to be one of his specialties.

In fact, he has written and published several novels in his free time and hopes to become more involved in West in the coming years. His main interest so far is the Creative Writing club, which is currently run by Ms. Ruff.

He also hopes to work with Scholastic Bowl in the future, as he has previous coaching experience.

In addition to teaching English, Kroesch is also fluent and certified to teach in Japanese.

“It turns out [that] when you take a language class for five years in college and are an exchange student there, the state of Illinois will just give the certification to you.,” Kroesch states.

Outside of school activities, Kroesch’s hobbies include tabletop miniature games, which he has been an avid fan of ever since his youthe was young.

“I’ve been painting those little Warhammer figures since I was eight years old, it’s my longest-running hobby,” he notes.

West looks forward to spending many years with Kroesch, and we are excited to see what he brings to the Wildcat family!

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