Students prepare for final exam exemption changes


josh bautista

(Levi Miller may not approve of the rule, but will do everything he can to finish his senior year strong.)

Josh Bautista, Staff reporter

At the beginning of the school year, Normal West decided to change the final exam exemption policy. Juniors and seniors are required to have an A to be exempt from finals.  To students, this is challenging change to previous policy regarding final exams.  

 During the first semester of the school year, seniors were required to have a B or higher, and fewer than six absences to qualify for exemption. This semester, there is no absence limit, but a strict grade requirement. Juniors and seniors both had interesting reactions to the change in policy.  

Levi Miller(12) became aware of this new rule at the end of first semester. “Having a more challenging rule to our final exam exemptions is not necessary,” he said.  “I think we should have our old rule back because it was made to give seniors a break from doing so much work for the past three school years.” 

Pablo Adamms(12) did not approve of this new rule. “I liked it better when the grading rule was less strict, but with a limit of absences.” he said.  “I never miss school, but I think that trying to get an A will be more challenging for many seniors.” 

For the most part, juniors like that they have the ability to be exempt. Junior Tanner Tompkins said, “I think this is fair for juniors because we work as hard as seniors do. Junior year is the hardest year because of SAT’s and ACT’s, so that should let us deserve the same reward including the seniors. 

The second semester of the 2019-2020 school year will be more challenging than past years for exemption. This new rule is planned to continue in the  future for future juniors and seniors. Nevertheless, students this year need to work harder than they ever have before if they wish to be absent during their finals.