Ms. Schermann: The best at doing the most


Julia Stackhouse, Staff Reporter

Ms. April Schermann  has been teaching science and math at West for 18 years, but is quite busy outside the classroom as well. In addition to teaching three sections of Honors Algebra 2 and two AP computer science classes. She also coaches softball and sponsors a female based computer science club, Girls Who Code. 

Schermann has been coaching softball for 17 of the 18 years she has been at West. “I am in charge of the varsity team and making sure that the JV program gets players ready to play varsity.” That includes running practices, and making sure that the girls are ready physically and mentally for games. 

Senior Cassie Sprout plays on the varsity team and commented on how Schermann is as a coach. “Amazing. The best,” Sprout said, adding that she is more than just a coach, calling her an aunt, or a second mom who players come to for anything. 

Schermann’s other after school endeavor is Girls Who Code.  “Girls Who Code is actually a national nonprofit that was created to help get more girls interested in computer science” Schermann says.  The organization was started in 2012 by Reshma Saujani. 

Schermann said she definitely uses her math background and applying it in scenarios in both Girls Who Code and softball. “Math background gives us a structure for thinking and problem solving.” She uses those skills with her players when trying to solve a problem that happened in a game or practice. 

“Maybe I get to teach students that I don’t get to necessarily have in the classrooms.” Schermann adds. She strongly states that she wouldn’t give up her busy life for anything. There has been times where it has been overwhelming and a lot to handle she says, but then adds she likes to be busy, she does not like just “sitting around”.