Spring weather brings spring fashion to Normal West

Emily Bauman, Staff Reporter

With spring, comes spring fashion. Spring generally is one of the most anticipated seasons to dress because it immediately follows the cold and harsh winter. This year in Bloomington, the winter seemed to drag on and on, so students are now more excited than ever to break out their 2019 spring fashion. These are the spring fashion trends students and teachers can expect to see in the halls in the upcoming weeks:


As far as colors go for this spring, almost anything light is going to be fair game. Stores will likely (and already are) selling pastel colors; take the hint and buy as much pastel pinks, purples and blues while you can. Pastel colors will be popular this spring not only because they emulate the blooming flowers, but because they offer a light freshness that the dark colors of winter prevented.

While ditching the dark colors, swap to all white. This will likely also be one of the most popular colors this spring. Again, the lightness of the shade will give a much-needed sense of fresh air. White pants and white skirts will pair nicely with most the of light colors spring inspires. The ‘no white pants after labor day’ rule is a thing of the past.   White pants will be a long-lasting and much needed comeback.



When shopping for tops, keep one thing in mind this spring: layering. As layering has already been a hit in the past winter months, spring will reinvent layering to match the warming temperatures.

Look for the return of cami-style tops and tube tops. These will allow for when warm days strike, layers can be removed and still look super in trend without breaking a sweat. On top of thin or no strapped tops, layer light jackets. Light cargo jackets have in recent years been trends (and still will be), but this year grab a nice floral jacket or embroidered jacket. This will add a feminine touch to the original multi-purpose jacket.

But if layering isn’t the trend for you, fill your closet with embroidered tops for a boho vibe this spring season. Embroidery allows for shirts to become detailed without becoming too heavy. The airy and flowing feeling of an embroidered top captures the spring season with ease.



Bottoms will be easy this year as just about anything will go if it’s worn correctly. Shorts, capris, and jeans are always fair game. This spring try to spruce up the style game by wearing jeans with embellishments. Pearls, diamonds, and embroidery will give the loveliness of spring a place in your wardrobe.

Other than combining normally ripped jeans with some sparkle, jean skirts, especially in white, are going to be one of the most popular trends. Pairing well with pastel colors,  a good jean skirt can really make the look of an outfit scream spring.

Dresses and Rompers

Suzie Valencia

Last year’s most popular trends are again making a return in 2019. Rompers, also known as playsuits or jumpsuits, are either full leg or shorts that are both a top and bottom. In these, look for wide legs in jumpsuits and fun ruffle shorts in playsuits. For both, pattern is going to be important to consider.  Rather than busy patterns, opt for the simple patterns that flatter body shape rather than something eye-catching.

Wrap dresses in floral patterns with a high low skirt have already hit our stores heavily, which is to be expected as they are going to be a very popular summer trend. These dresses have the ability to be flattering on just about anyone, synchining the waist and showing off legs for the nice spring weather.

Dresses, in general, will be popular this spring, to match the trends in tops look for strapless dresses, cami dresses, and embroidered dresses. As a rule of thumb, if a dress is floral, it’s right for your spring wardrobe.


Wicker Paradise

Everyone’s favorite, shoes! This is the year to stock up on shoes because shoes are going to act as a pop of color for the white and light styles this spring. Spring is a little early to start breaking out the sandals, so start warming your feet up to being exposed with open shoes.

Ballet flats, mules, and, in general, shoes with a wide opening that show the majority of the top of the foot are going to become one of this year’s spring staples. Find shoes with bright colors and fun, vibrant patterns to direct eyes right to the fashionable shoe.

Spring brings flowers, warmer weather, and of course the new styles. Although in Bloomington it seemed this year like spring would never arrive, it officially has. That means if you haven’t started already, it’s time to break out your spring styles and restock your closet on all the hot trends.