Wildcats’ best and worst holiday stories

Gina Daueheimer, Staff Reporter

When the date switched to December 1st, Christmas season started and Christmas vibes were everywhere. Christmas decorations in the stores, Christmas movies on the TV, Christmas songs on the radio, and houses shining with their bright lights.

I’m from Germany, and we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December. We all come together, have a nice meal and give each other presents, but it is not about the presents. It is about coming together and having each other. When I talked to the teachers and students here at West I could see, that even on the other side of the world,  it is a holiday for family. I felt that this is the perfect time to ask the Wildcats about their most memorable holiday stories.

“The best Christmas story is probably when we used to fake that Santa is coming for our kids and they loved it. We put gifts on the roof and made it look like Santa came. The worst part was that we couldn’t get the gifts from the roof because they were frozen or snowed in,” said Mr. Hess.

“The best time is when I was sitting till 2:30 in the morning and made the presents ready for my kids,” said Mr. Rumps.

“My worst Holiday story was when we went to the ER (Emergency Room) because our cat climbed on the tree and scratched my eyeball, and we spent Christmas Eve in the ER,” said Austin Feaman a sophomore at West.

“When I was 8 I asked Santa for a Red Ryder BB gun and I was really worried he wouldn’t bring it. I asked him and he just kept saying I would shoot my eye out. Finally on Christmas morning my dad pulled out a surprise present, it was a Red Ryder BB gun so I went out to test it out, but one of those shoots knocked a icicle of the balcony and hit me right in the eye, so these prophesy came true.”, said Mr. Akyuz.

Me, unknowing, believed Mr. Akyuz about his crazy holiday story because we don’t watch “A Christmas Story”  in Germany. My next holiday step is to watch this movie.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope nobody gets shot by a Red Ryder BB gun!

Gina Dauenheimer
My first Christmas with the tree of my host family.