PRIDE Club elects new leaders


New and returning members of PRIDE Club participate in a “getting to know you” activity at their first meeting on August 27th, 2018. Photo by Ariana South

Paw Print Staff

The PRIDE Club is known all around West for their caring spirit and acceptance of those who are both in and outside of the club. This year, the club hopes to create a new sense of unity with a new board of leaders

In previous years, the club had one large board of co-presidents to assist in organization. Science teacher Amanda Long, the sponsor of the PRIDE Club since it’s founding, hopes that having a new board with chairs in education, community, and activism will help relieve some stress for those who help run the club.

“I felt that with having a big board, there were so many tasks for everyone to do, and it was overwhelming. So, this kind of took our main goals and divvied it up so that everyone sort of has a focus. I think it’ll be more efficient that way, and we’ll get more done,” Long said. She also hopes to continue the use of these positions to help the both the club members and the school become more educated on LGBTQ+ topics, as well as become more visible in the community. She will take this year to review each position to determine if anything needs to be added or changed.

Applicants Kate Perry (10), Spencer Pontius (10), MacKenna Gravel (11), and Ariana South (12) were elected to the board. Perry to education, Gravel and South to activism, and Pontius to community.

Long spoke why she chose the four: “Passion was the number one thing that everyone was chosen for. I’ve seen that with all the members in their years at PRIDE. I just felt they were all very suited for each position.”

With a new board does come the possibility of conflict between members. When asked how he thought he would get along with the board  members, Spencer Pontius said, “I’ve known everyone from last year, I think I’ll get along okay with everyone.”

To the leaders, making sure that everyone who attends is comfortable is a high priority. Having attended PRIDE Club for several years, senior Margaret Wetzel puts in her opinion of the new leadership, “I think it’ll be a good idea, the club should be more organized and focused on our specific goals.”

The leaders of PRIDE hope to create a sense of unity between both board and club members to help make West a safe space for those who identify within the LGBTQ+ community.