Students search for summer jobs

Abby Traum, Staff Reporter

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to an end, West students are eager for summer to begin. Summer is warm and school is out, resulting in a much-needed break for many students. Along with vacations and hang-outs, many high school students get summer jobs.

Many students rely on summer jobs in order to pay for gas and activities. Thankfully, many places in town hire teenagers and there are lots of great first-job opportunities.

Delaney Northcutt (11) said, “I work at Old Navy and it’s a really great job for high schoolers.”

Along with Northcutt, many other high schoolers work in retail at places such as Charlotte Russe, Petsmart, Justice, Kohl’s, Rue21, Target, Walmart and Jewel. Retail can be a great first job due to the flexible schedule, easy experience and the generally understanding customers.

Sophomore Maria Spears stated that she liked lifeguarding and that it was, “an easy and interesting job.”

If you have the skills and pass the test, lifeguarding is a great option for teenagers. If you aren’t the best swimmer you could also apply for the front desk or concession stands. Along with at the pool, you could also do concessions at sporting events. If you know a good amount about baseball or softball you could even be an umpire through Parks and Recreation of Normal.

One of the most typical jobs for teenagers is being a babysitter. Whether it’s your siblings, your neighbors kids’, or complete strangers, it’s a great job. The pay varies depending on who your client is but it is usually more than minimum wage. If you’re good with kids it would be a great option. A great deal of fast food places would love more young workers such as McDonald’s, Steak N’ Shake, Carl’s, Portillo’s, Wendy’s, Moe’s and Burger King.

Abby Rosenberger (10) said, “I know Chick-fil-a hires and they are a super friendly business.”

Overall, there is an overwhelming amount of places that would love to hire hardworking high schoolers. If you would like a bit of extra cash this summer, take a shot and apply for a job!