Melody Holland competes at FCCLA state conference


Emily Bauman

When presenting her project, Melody Holland uses a series of boards to show different features of the home she designed. To make each board, she was required to buy or have donated all tile, wood, carpet, paint and fabric samples.

Emily Bauman, Staff Reporter

This year, FCCLA has made strides to leave an impact on the school. While doing so, the club has developed a list of firsts for the members. This was the first year taking students to a summer leadership camp, to regional meetings, to sectional meetings and the first time selling Dude. Be Nice shirts. On Friday, April 7th, Melody Holland (10) adds to the list as first the student to compete at the State Leadership Competition and Conference in Springfield.

FCCLA offers competitions for students who have taken a FCS class and would like to take the information they’ve learned to a higher level. According to the FCCLA IL website, STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) are competitive events in which members are recognized for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation. Categories for events include: cooking, education, fashion, interior design and wellness.

FCCLA provides events to prepare members for futures in all type of careers. When asked why Holland choose to compete in an interior design event she said, “I decided on this event because I’m going to major in design when I go to college.” Competing in this event is a stepping stone for the skills needed to become a professional interior designer.

The interior design event requires Holland to design a home based on specifications given and then present and answer questions from judges who pose as potential clients. Before competing at the state conference, the project was judges at the local level then advanced to the state level. “It’s a lot of work, but I think it’s going to be worth it in the end,” said Holland.

“I think it’s cool that Melody is doing her event. I haven’t seen anyone compete and I’m excited to see where this all goes,” said Danica Haney, the President of FCCLA. The members not competing attend the conference in support of Holland’s efforts.

“I’m excited for the event and what else there is to come. FCCLA has so many opportunities for me and everyone else,” said Holland. This may be the year of firsts for FCCLA, but the club has high hopes of turning the firsts into traditions that will continue for years.