Wildcats make new year resolutions


Emily Bauman, staff reporter

As 2016 came to an end, the students and staff looked to make the new year of 2017 better than the previous. New year’s resolutions are a way for people to stop and think about their life and what they want to improve.

Wildcats embrace the ‘new year, new me’ motto and list all the things they want to change or improve in the upcoming year. To make a good resolution, students and staff  should plan ahead, making resolutions relevant to daily life. Making sure resolutions are practical is also important to find success throughout the year. Most importantly, resolutions should be a fun way to seek improvements.

The most common 2017 resolution is to get healthier. This can be through diet or working out.  Other resolutions are to get involved are volunteering, taking to someone new everyday and joining new clubs.

Getting heather can also be done by simply drinking more water or getting more sleep.  Zitlally Arias (11) planning to eat healthier this year by going vegan, “I feel like it’s better for myself and the world.”

Melody Holland (10) said, “I want to get more involved in the school and clubs. I think I can do a lot for the school by getting more involved.” Expanding social horizons allows new opportunities for new experiences and friends. 

Many Wildcats set resolutions focusing on sports. Sports resolutions like practicing more and trying new skills can improve the overall way a player plays. Riley Nichols’ (10) resolution is, “bring my softball skills up to be a switch hitter. I want to be better in the field.”

Resolutions often call for a change in the upcoming year, but resolutions can also be used to maintain something good about the previous year. Students can keep grades high, keep traditions or something funny to make sure the year is light and stress free. Mr. Wilson said, “I plan to keep being awesome this year,” when asked about his resolutions for 2017.

Resolutions can be simple or complex, personal or social, changing or maintaining; they can be anything Wildcats make them to be. Resolutions are tailored to each individual making it easy for Wildcats to start the new year off great with hopes for a even better 2017.