Mrs.Bush puts students first


Rozlyn Rivera

Mrs.Bush poses with the author, a member of FCCLA.

Emily Bauman, Staff Reporter

Normal West teacher Mrs. Barbara Bush has spent her time at West not only teaching,but improving the school, encouraging students, sponsoring FCCLA, and so much more.

Bush has been teaching for a total of 33 years. The Illinois State University graduate taught at Parkside Jr. High School for 13 years before coming to west 20 years ago.

“I love watching kids figure things out and learn and especially apply what they have learned to their own lives.  I enjoy seeing them smile and have a sense of achievement when they do,” said Bush when asked about her favorite part of teaching.

In high school, Bush discovered a love for her Family Consumer Science classes. Bush applied those classes to her career and became a FCS teacher. She teaches classes such as Fashion, Interior Design, Adult Living, and Lifestyle Management.

Bush goes above and beyond teaching in her class. She is always trying to go an extra step for her students. “I am always working on finding money to provide additional learning opportunities for my students.  I am currently working on three grants. One for a Lifestyle Management field trip to HyVee, another to add to the Culinary garden and the last to allow some of my students to have dinner at a Farm to table restaurant,” said Bush.

Outside of her classes, Bush is the sponsor for Family Community Career Leaders of America, a club linked to the FCS classes that is meant to better the students, school and community while preparing students for their futures.

Bush was a part of her high school’s FCCLA, and in college discovered the FCCLA world was bigger than what she saw in her small high school. This prompted her to make it a goal to give all the opportunities she can to its members. This includes traveling, competing and taking on new projects.

“Mrs. Bush does a really good job at letting FCCLA be a student led organization. She’s really preparing us for our futures,” said Danica Haney (12), FCCLA president.

When not at school, Bush lives a happy life in Normal, IL. She has a daughter, Jessica (28), a son, Jeff (25), and a husband, Ed. Her children may have moved out, but she and her husband enjoy traveling to see their kids.

Bush’s life may be packed full of things she loves to do but when asked if she would change anything, she says she wouldn’t. “If I did, I wouldn’t be a Wildcat or have my very supportive and loving family!”