Impact West trying to do right


Normal west students take a quick from talking about God to take a quick photo (credit Kayleigh Anderson)

Alex Barth, Staff Reporter

Impact West, informally known as Jesus club, is a place where students go to learn about Jesus and have fun. This club is usually held in Mrs. Wiist’s room every Thursday after school at Normal West High school. This club allows students to be themselves while giving glory to God and learning more about God. This club does not discriminate nor does it make fun of a person for who they are. Impact West is just focused on trying to do the right thing.

Mrs. Wiist was asked why she agreed to sponsoring Impact West.

“I agreed because the previous sponsor retired. Former student Kaleigh Anderson was in one of my classes and we got to talking and I agreed to sponsor. It also is an environment where kids can go that is very upbeat and very positive. If a student is having a problem they can go to Impact West for support or to just get away from the problem even if it’s just for a little bit.”

Former student Kyle Abel was asked what he enjoyed most most about the club.

“What I enjoyed most was that fact that it was a fun and friendly environment to learn and share Christianity, I also had a lot of friends there and would often learn something applicable to dealing with high school.”

Normal West Junior Ben Young was asked why he attends Impact West.

“I decided to attend Impact West because of my religious beliefs. I feel like I should try not just on Sundays, but any day of the week to try and get closer with God. I feel like it’s the right thing to do. I also love to meet with friends and learn things as a group that shares a common interest.”

Usually the club starts off by going around to each student and the student says something about their week and what God has been doing in their lives recently. Then usually a goofy question follow such as what dinosaur would you be and why. What follows next is usually a lesson about God or something based on religion. Then at the end they offer up prayer intentions and gather in a circle and pray for those intentions.