The Case

It was a brisk Thanksgiving day. My family had already gathered around a great dinner, the food stirring in our stomachs.


As all the adults sat down to watch the football game and converse, the children headed outside to play spy.



We spent a great deal of time trying to find clues. What we were finding clues for I am not sure of, and I’m not even sure I knew then.  


As we ran around my grandma’s neighborhood our parents watched from the porch of her house. Soon I had moved off the beaten path and was searching a bush for clues.


As I moved aside the branches I saw a little handle. I pulled on it and out came a briefcase.


With the briefcase in my hand I ran to my grandma’s house like a midget businessman. When I ran in, my parents were baffled that I had a briefcase. They thought that my uncle had planted it but when they realized that it was placed there by some unknown party, they decided to break it open.


As they worked on prying it open the whole family watched and wondered what it could be.


Once it had been opened all we found inside was an engravement with the owner’s name contact information. We called him and it turned out that the briefcase had been stolen from his car. He lived down street and he came by to pick it up.


Even though it was a very small deed I still felt a great sense of accomplishment, and because of it, this story makes think of my family and thankful I am for our time together.