Tis’ the season to be thankful


Halloween has come and gone; now it’s time to focus on Christmas. What?! No, we can’t forget about Thanksgiving! You know they day where you get to eat anything and everything, the start of  the holiday season, and let’s not forget, no school!

As everyone knows, Thanksgiving is the best part of November. There are many different traditions that people like to participate in on Thanksgiving from having the traditional family meal with turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, etc, or changing it up and adding some ethnic cuisines.

“We have your traditional Thanksgiving meal, but as an Italian family we like to have a few extra dishes,” said senior Jamie Biancalana on her family’s traditions for Thanksgiving. “We like to have ravioli and spaghetti along with the traditional food.”

Senior Zach Farner says his family likes to stick to the traditional ways, “We like to stick with the original foods. Turkey is great, mashed potatoes are fantastic, so why bother changing what’s already perfect?”

Of course everyone knows what else comes with November 26th, the start of Black Friday.

“I like Black Friday,” said senior Hannah McCoy. “I like the craziness. I find it fun and entertaining. I usually go shopping in East Peoria; I go to the mall usually because it has more places to shop at compared to the mall here.”

From inhaling food to spending outrageous amounts of money on Black Friday, November is full of things to look forward to. Just because Halloween has passed, doesn’t mean we can forget about Thanksgiving and skip straight to Christmas.