Say hello to winter fashion trends


Julia Abraham

Pictured here is Jaylyn Bland who is wearing her Pantone scarf which is very stylish for the upcoming winter.

Winter is quickly approaching and with that comes a change in fashion trends. The beautiful fall weather starts to fade away and the brisk cold weather takes over and changes the daily fashion.

This winter in order to try to keep warm and stylish there is fur everywhere. Not only is the fur vest still a fashion forward accessory but also fur shoes, including boots and booties. Harper’s Bazaar tells all about the best trends this winter and that includes the latest fur trends. Some of those trends including the fur scarf, coat, and clutch/bag.

Around Normal West many students are very fashion forward and are excited for the change in style this winter.

Julia Abraham (11) says, “I can’t wait for infinity scarfs and boots!” She loves how versatile scarves can be because she can dress them up or dress them down.

Molly Alvis (11) said, “I’m really looking forward to flannels, big comfy sweaters, and cute boots.” She did say how she isn’t really happy about having to worry about big coats, gloves, and hats.

Winter is full of dark colors including, black, navy, and dark grey. According to Cosmopolitan the new color to wear this upcoming winter is pantone. Pantone is a warm reddish brown. Clothing and accessories with a similar color will be seen everywhere!

Hannah Bach (11) was asked what she thought about this color craze she said, “I’m obsessed with this color, so of course I love the craze about it!” She also said how she thinks that this color could be mixed and matched with so much and that many different types of clothing and accessories can be cute in the color.

If this winter is any like the last couple years then it is sure to be cold. Even with the cold the style and fashion will remain hot!